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Repair guides and support for the Huawei MediaPad T2, which is Huawei's 7" tablet. Released in September of 2016. Model number: T2 BGO-DL09.

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How to find edl test point with multimeter?

How to find edl test point with multimeter ? Hard brick Huawei Qualcomm tablet in need of test point to get into edl mode.

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@tek3195 really difficult without a schematic. You want to post some good picture of your board (both sides) so we can see what you see and we can possibly point things out for you. Adding images to an existing question

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can you help me find edl test points for moto e7 plus? the board pics are https://ibb.co/k3xthCx


and it's schematics are :


thanks in advance


@polyduekes should be BOOT and GND and ground on your board.


@oldturkey03 i don't know how to give it grounding while shorting those points


@polyduekes just touch both of those points. One is ground.


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