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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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Battery life still draining way too fast

Hi everyone.

I've had my Samsung j3 for about 2 and a half years now and until recently all was well.

One day, i noticed that the battery was draining unusually fast and despite trying everything, including buying a new battery and charger cable, contacting Samsung support and performing a full factory reset, i still have the same problem.

I did notice however, that my old charging cable should have 5 ‘pins' in the phone connection tip, yet it only had 4.

Could this have been the original culprit? Can it be fixed? Or is it just time for a new phone?

Thanks in advance.

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Sean Mackness  let us know what you consider unusually fast draining. Your charging cable should not make a difference unless it is not charging the battery at all. If in doubt replace the cable. Since you already replaced the battery, I would consider checking your network settings and your installed software etc. If in doubt start with a new Sim card from your provider. you can always check sites like this or this one for more specific ideas.

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Hi oldturkey03.

Many thanks for your reply.

What i mean by fast draining, is that my phone could be charged to 100% at 10pm and this would drain to roughly 45% by 7am. I do not use my phone overnight and i also turn on power saving mode and flight mode as this is the only way to stop the battery from draining quickly. The only problem is, is that there is no network connection during this time.

I did in fact replace my charging cable along with my battery - so no problem there.

I have checked my network settings and software and this also seems to be OK.

The next step now is a new sim card and to check out those website links that you so kindly provided for me.

Thanks again.



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