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In June 2017 Apple updated its 13" MacBook Air with a newer Broadwell Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Display has an issue with lines

Block Image

Block Image

I have issue in Macbook air 2017 13inch laptop the display was showing completely black and I have reset the NVRAM and it did not work. After pressing a little on the sides of my laptop I got the see my display with many lines.. when a little pressure applied on key the brightness of the screen changes.. I have shared the image of current display state.. kindly help me on this.

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Is the display its self damaged?

Adding images to an existing question


I hope you didn't squeeze the display because if you did, you may have just damaged the LCD display panel.

Applying slight pressure on the screen is ok to see if marks appear which would indicate screen + backlight is turning on but no image is being produced.

Might want to try one of the display outputs from the side of the MacBook I think it's mini displayport so you will need to use an adapter if you want to plug HDMI in.


@benjamen50 I haven't applied more pressure on the LCD display.. I just pressed mildly the black part and the nd the backside of the keyboard area mildly.. previous it was completely blank and now it came to this level.. I have shared the images also


@danj no damage happened to the display .. i got grey screen with lines when I was working on the laptop suddenly..


I have the exact same problem. No damage to display. Started it one day and there it was. External screen works fine. Mac book air 2017.


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This is a tricky one! Did you get your system wet at some point or have some liquid spillage into the keyboard?

The Air’s use the graphics engine of the CPU and as we can see the displays image is present so we know the CPU & graphics engine of the chip is working. Yet the crosss hatch (H&V) implies a logic board signal issue.

Are you really pressing on the display its self or just pressing on the brightness button?

At this point I think you’ll need to plug in an external display to see if the image is clean on it. If it is thats points to the internal display needing replacing if not then that points to the logic board has issues.

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No water spill ever happened.. it just happened when I was normally working on the laptop .. I will try to connect an external display and check.. is there any possibility of loose contact of the display wire?. Yesterday night I couldn't see anything now. The screen shown with lines


The clear display image under the cross hatch lines tells me the connection is good between the logic board and the display. Until you try the external we just don't know which is bad here.

You could try running the onboard diagnostics but I don't think an error will pop and depending on your OS version diagnostics may not even work as Apple has a bug in the newer firmware killing it. Restart your system and press and hold the D Key to enter. I'm sure the display will still be bad under it.


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