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Released June 2016, identified by model number A3003 in Europe, A3000 in China and North America (according to https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-3-regions-model-numbers.452381/)

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Wifi only connects when next to router

My wifi keeps getting disabled when trying to connect to any AP.

Mobile data, GPS,Bluetooth and even Wireless hotspot works for me however Wifi does not connect.

Looking at some other forums it looks like it may an antenna issue, can you point to where the Wifi antenna is located and is there a replacement.

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What is brand and model number of router?


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You say that BT works OK and that a Wireless hotspot also works for you.

The Bluetooth feature uses the same antenna as the WiFi and Wireless hotspots use WiFi to connect between the devices, so it would seem unusual that it is an antenna problem.

What is the WiFi signal level as shown in the WiFi settings connection area or by the WiFi signal bars when next to the router and when further away?

Try starting the phone in safe mode and check if it now connects to an AP. If it does then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one.

If you wish to check the antenna connection, here’s a link to the ifixit OnePlus 3 Motherboard Replacement guide. At step.11 you’ll find the antenna connection.

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Thank you for that. I have not tried the safe mode yet but will do it and report back.

One thing I didnt mention is I reset my networking setting and reset my phone back to factory setting and it still could not connect to any AP’s . I have tried multiple AP’s including my home router and public available AP’s.

The only time i could get it to connect is when the One plus 3t was placed on top of the router. All the other time , it would try to connect and just get saved or disabled.



Have you tried using different apps to go online when the WiFi connection says "saved", e.g. instead of a browser, try your email app or try using Play Store app etc just to see if it is the same?


Yup did that and its not connected. I tried safe mode with no luck

The further reason i think its hardware related it because the hotspot also only works when a device is very close to my oneplus 3t



Given that you only mention now that the hotspot also only works when close to the router I suppose that you'll have to check the antenna connection then.

Good luck


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