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Repair guides for the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), released June 2015.

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My phone is seriously overheating instantly, any fix?

Hi, so my device starts overheating instantly whenever I put the battery in (didn’t even turn the phone on), another thing I noticed is the camera flash led turns on when I place the battery. simple sequences : phone is off —->puts battery in (phone still off) —-> camera flash led turns on and overheats instantly (phone still off). Hope anyone can help solve this or at least help identify the real cause. Thanks in advance.


So, I forgot to add, that I used a different battery and that didn’t fix the issue, another thing I suspect is my child used his fast charger to charge the phone for a week which isn’t supported by the phone resulting in the first battery death, after that I bought a cheap battery off ebay and died too after putting it in and powering on the phone 2 times, now I bought another original battery and I saw that the issue is still exists, so I only placed it in and powered on the phone to verify if it’s still functional (which it is) and took it off don’t want this one to die too.

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It seems to be a battery or Motherboard issue, to issolate the issue can you use a different battery for the moment and see if the issue still continues.

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Ok I think I should add more details my bad, let me help you help me, plz read my next comment.


tl;dr MB issue


Great you were able to issolate, hope the MB is not that expensive for your model.


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