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Apple выпустила смартфон 4 ноября 2017 года в двух различных конфигурациях: A1865, A1901 и дала название iPhone X. Доступны варианты с разными стандартами мобильной связи: GSM или CDMA; с двумя объемами хранилища: 64 или 256 Гб; двумя различными оттенками корпуса: серебристый и Space Gray.

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No camera functions working

So my colleague replaced the back cover and screen for an iPhone X. By replacing the back cover i mean that we bought a new frame with the back cover already in place. After the replacement the main camera no longer works and the front camera only works sometimes.

I have tried the following:

- Replaced the main camera.

- Replaced the front camera.

- Replaced the flash and on/off button cable.

- Replaced the bluetooth antenna cable.

- Checked all the connectors on the main board and all look fine.

- Did a full reset of the phone 2 times.

All this and nothing worked. I tried turning on the flashlight as well but nothing happened. Any idea what it could be and what to try next?

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I’ve seen this a couple times on an iPhone X, and it seems to be a board defect. When you say you tested the board connectors, did you test voltage on the pins specifically?

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Thank you for your answer.

So if it's a board defect it means my colleague didn't cause it and it was a coincidence? I mean it's not exactly easy to damage the board by removing it from the case. The iPhone X board don't really have a lot of exposed components.

Never said i testet the board, i just visually checked the connectors. Maybe i should have been more clear about what i meant. Whats the best way to test the voltage? Is there a tool i can use or a multimeter will do?


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Try to put it back in the original back case and when it works you know it is a fault in back case that you bought.

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Already have. Same result unfortunately.


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