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The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is a mid-range smartphone in the Galaxy A series. It was unveiled by Samsung in January 2017 together with the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and A7 (2017). [summary_image|1224313]

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Soldering and Desoldering components.


There are three major soldering and desoldering equipments -SMD REWORK STATION, DC SOLDERING AND MICRO SOLDERING. I am quite new to mobile servicing and I do not know what are the components to be soldered and desoldered by each of the equipments above?

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REWORK STATION is also called a Hot Air Station due to the fact it uses heated forced air, rather than the heated metal tip common to soldering irons, to solder and unsolder electronic components.

SMD is an acronym for Surface Mounted Devices such as capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits, etc



Portable soldering irons that used DC (Direct Current) rather than AC (Alternating Current) as the source for heating the soldering tip.


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@kumaran123 really all you are looking at is either hot air rework stations or a soldering iron. As a rule of thumb for me I use an iron for installing components and for removal I like hot air.  I found that hot air guns are big and clumsy when t comes to soldering small package SMD on a board. I used to end up de-soldering components next to it and melting solder on multiple other places. It will require a lot of practice to get good with hot air. This will of course depend on the package size of the components and how dense these components are places. Cellphone boards are usually pretty packed so I would use a soldering iron.; easier to control where the heat goes. Again all of this is personal preference and you have to find whatever will work for you.

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