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Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles from 1986 to Present.

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Why is my Sportster wet

Plugs are dry but exhaust is wet. Has a bad exhaust leak on the cylinder in question

1998 XLH 883/1200. Sportster

Thanks. JC

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Jackie, water is a byproduct of combustion. Look at the tailpipe of almost any running engine; it’ll be dripping.

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Hello Doug I believe in this case it goes a little deeper than condensation. The Sportster has a really bad miss it's had new heads and pistons installed recently by someone whom I'm wondering if they knew what they were doing. It had a exhaust manifold bolt missing and a big gap between the flange and the head that has to be a tight fit. It's not. So I believe it may have valve damage exhaust side. I currently have the jug/ head removed. A big pile of carbon surrounding that valve.

Stem. Also I'm inspecting the carb exccelarator pump ..


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