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First generation of Citroen's supermini car.

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How to remove the eco mode

The car is stock on the eco mode and it can be removed.

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Hi @efrain1082 ,

as well as I know, the ECO mode on the Citroën is BSI controlled freature. It may indicate, that your battery, or alternator, is faulty, so for the first, check out your battery by stress-test (not with the multimeter and checking the voltage). If you don’t know, what does stress-test mean, visit local car battery dealer and ask for check your battery.

In case, please watch carefully this video from diagnostics team.

Your car having an BSI, so you can’t disable this mode (externall switch) - In the car manual, you will find the time, which describing, how long can your car run outside of the eco mode.

In other case, you can visit your car dealer or service and ask for disable this freature, but you will risk, that sometimes your battery will be discharged and you will don’t know when and why.

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the car cant even start when you switch just display eco mode the battery is new


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