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The Dell Optiplex 745 small form factor is a compact desktop computer that has been a work office favorite, and still sits at desks to this day.

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How do I fix my corrupted OneDrive?

The computer I have is the Dell Optiplex 7010 but it looks lile the 745 Small Factor. Mine wasn't listed as such. My Windows OneDrive got corrupted. So now I can't get Windows to boot. When I turn on the computer, Windows goes right to Attempting Repair mode. I have tried all the advanced options except command prompt. The computer didn't come with any discs. I don't know what command (s) to enter to fix the Windows Operating System at the Command Prompt. What do I do from here, short of ordering a repair/reinstall disc? I can't afford a new system from Windows and I don’t want to buy an OEM repair disc that might not even solve the problem. Help, please!

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Thank you for answering! Might be able to do it this way, though Recovery Mode, though Recovery failed several times in the Advanced Options.


Hamdi Zeddini, I don't have any CDs large enough to hold this much data (we don't use CDs much so haven't bought any in a long time). I tried this method on a USB drive. After formatting and loading the suggested software onto the USB, I used the F12 prompt to bring up the computer in bootable mode. I selected the USB Storage Device option. I got a message that "Selected boot device failed. Press any key to reboot the system." So, unfortunately this method didn't work. Did I miss a step?


@tennwanderer Yes, you need to download a software "Rufus", and when you open it he will ask you for the location of the iso file and some other options like UEFI or BIOS, depending on your PC you should try one of them, you can start by choosing UEFI.


Hamdi Zeddini I eventually was able to reload Windows using a USB I created from the Media Creation Tool. Things are working well now. I also was able to recover a very large number of files, too many to tell yet whether my personal files were wiped out. I suspect that they are irretrievably gone, but my husband was amazed that I needed no help in doing so, and found the tools to recover this file by a means he wouldn't have thought of. Thank you so much for your help! I had unselected your answer as the best answer in the hopes that I would be able to see an answer from someone else that I thought was another avenue to try, in case I couldn't get things corrected with the answer you gave, but you led me down the correct path! Again, thank you so much! So happy that ifixit.com i exists, and that helpful people like you are members!


@tennwanderer Happy that I helped you, you didn't mention before that you need to recover files but to prevent any further damage please avoid any kind of formatting.


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In “Advanced Options” click on “Startup Settings” and select “Enable Safemode” and see if it boots up.

If it does problem is minor. Try rebooting and if still a problem then use “System Restore” from the “Advanced Options” .

Worked on my computer this morning.

You can try changing the order above to “System Restore” and if it doesn’t work then “Enable Safemode” and reboot.

If it boots to the Desktop O.K then just reboot normally.

Good luck.

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Hello, you can make your own windows disc :

  1. Go to this website and download your windows version.
  2. Install this software which will burn the file you downloaded on the disc.
  3. Buy a blank DVD and use CDBurnerXP to make a windows copy.
  4. Launch a repair using that new disc.

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Thank you for answering! My husband also has an identical model 7010. Would I be able to copy his reboot flash drive using.my Windows key?


Can you provide more details please I haven't understood what you would like to do, also what windows version are you using?


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