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ThinkPad released in 2011. This version of the T420 is thicker than the T420s and lacks integrated USB 3.0. The T420i uses the same chassis, so most T420 repair guides work interchangeably.

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Why is my Intel Centrino Ultimate-n 6300 AGN Driver repeatedly disab

Im using Windows 10 :[.

It randomly n repeatedly disables my internet.

At times i show ‘Available Connections, yet No available Wifi.

That is Troubleshooter only tells me the obvious.

Your ethernet is not plugged.

That would make sense when im sitting at The Coffe Shop wondering why i have a choice to manually turn on wifi. (Why was it turned off)

The drop down says.


Restart in 1 hour

Restart in 1 day


What are thes choices and why are the here instead of “Choose Wifi conecction".

Thank You.

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Hi @nyazilla

I have some suggestion,

try updating the drivers and see if it works.


Install Hotkey Features Integration under Software and Utilities


If it does not work, try blocking pin 20 and see if it works.

Sometimes faulty wifi switch can cause this weird issues.


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