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The Xiaomi Mi A2 (Also known globally as the Mi 6X) was released by Xiaomi in July 2018 in various internal memory configurations. It is part of the Android One program which guarantees updates for two years.

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Not accepting charge, looking for alternatives to charge the battery.

My Xiaomi A2 is not accepting a charge. I got a battery diagnostics app and it never goes to -mA.

There have been discussions about this being a software issues, but I think in my case it could be a hardware issue as I used a macbook charger to charge my phone a few times. I remember the phone getting really hot whenever I did this.

I tried replacing the charge board with no luck.

As a desparate attempt to get some useful life out of this phone, I wanted to see if I could find an external battery charge so I could charge the battery by taking it out of the phone. This is what the connector looks like.

Block Image

Is it possible to get some sort of device to charge these batteries?

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Thanks for the replies.

I should have given more information. I replaced the battery on top of the charge board, so I know for sure there is some component on the main board that is broken.

I tried some of the solution in the XDA developer forum such as factory resetting and trying to charge in fast boot mode, none of them worked. I did not try rooting and using a custom rom, and the fastboot menu did not have a factory wipe option as it was locked.

I like your solution @oldturkey03 , I could modify my old battery to use its connector and attach it to a usb to use as a power source. This way I could at least do something with the hardware.

Ideally I would like to replace the broken part but at this price point I don't think it would be worth it to get a professional, I could just buy a new budget smart phone for the repair price.


no reason to modify your battery. Just need a connector that mates with your battery soldered to a board


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William chou if you phone still works when it receives power from power supply while plugged in just get an external portable back-up battery case. If it does not then you may have to build something. I made mine for other batteries with a prototype board and a proper battery connector. Solder the connector to the board. determine which pins are power and connect a hacked USB cable to it. You will have to remove the battery anytime you want to charge it and connect it to that.

You do know that the proper fix would be the best and that is to determine which component failed during the charge with the wrong adapter.

Update (09/15/2019)

Take a look on here as well as on here and see if they look compatible to what is on your board.

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Do you know where I could look for the female side of this cable connector? I imagine it must be pretty standard but I have no idea where to look.


Amazing thank you for the resources!


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Hi William

Before trying anything like this I would see if a replacement battery would fix all your issues. May types of power issues can be caused by the battery itself. If you cannot get a battery, this might work for you:


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