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iPhone XS был выпущен 21 сентября 2018 года в нескольких моделях: A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100. Они включают такие модификации: GSM или CDMA/eSIM/nano-SIM. Цветовое разнообразие ограничилось серебристым, золотым и Space Gray оттенками.

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Best method to replace back glass?

What is the best method for removing the back glass when it’s cracked? What glue do I need to use to glue it back down?

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I suggest using packaging tape over the broken glass and a ifixit iopener and heating the glass in sections. A heat gun should work also but make sure to not overheat the phone.

When you have heated up one section use a guitar pick or something slim to shimmy underneath the glass and split apart the glue.

If you have a very thin metal tool such as a curved screen metal open that is millimeters thin I would use that but only along the edges and with caution.

Do not try to force your way through the glue as you might cut the wireless charging oil and damage it.

So work in sections heating up the back glass and slowly pushing through the glue until you. Half of the phone done. When moving in to the middle of the phone toward the center be careful of how much you heat it up and force the glue. Once you get past the wireless charging coil you should be fine.

Another piece of advice is make sure you got the tiny piece for the camera lens to replace if you didnt take that off. I suggest getting a new one because the old one can get small pieces of glass stuck on it that is very hard to get off.

Hope I helped somewhat.

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Do you know of any good glue?


I use B7000 in my repairs but i have heard you could also use B6000. That is my preferred glue of choice since it dries very quickly and has a strong hold. Also the glue dries clear or almost clear so even if some comes off the edge you can wipe it off or just use some plastic or thin metal to wipe off or cut the adhesive to the edge of the device without being able to see it was glued down by you.


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The best method without a laser machine is the glass broken hammer tool and the SMD rework station is the best method to removing back glass from 8 to 12 pro max. I personally use that method is safe and easy too.

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