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The Samsung Galaxy J2 is an Android smartphone that was released in November of 2016.

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No Sound In Media

I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure. I recently dropped on phone on soup while it was on, screen side facing up. Naturally, I frantically started to wipe it clean. I got the screen cleaned up and proceeded to address the backside of it.

The problem lies where it does sound when I get notifications or it rings. However, it does not have sound when I try to play Youtube or Facebook videos. I tried cleaning up the speaker. It sounds fine in notifications. But absolutely nothing when in any other apps. I restarted my device twice already. “Do Not Disturb” is not on. All volumes are maxed out.

Please help. I cannot afford a new phone or replacing parts right now.

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Pull the battery out, and open the device, clean it carefully (all the parts, same for the motherboard). Just leave it off for some minutes and make sure it’s all dry. Then try again to see if it works.. Make sure the contacts are clean and dry.

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You have a broken speaker which means it’s a hardware problem, you can hear notifications because by default the sound they make is made of high-frequency waves, try to play this video on youtube and you’ll see after a certain frequency you’ll start hearing some noise.

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