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Genuine XS LCD not working mismatch in screen version?

Hello everyone

As the title suggests…

I recieved an iPhone XS with a damaged LCD.

I managed to find another iPhone XS with a working LCD and pulled the display from it, fitted it with no issues to find that the bottom half of the LCD doesnt work.

Initial thoughts, %#*@ I damaged the FPC maybe blew a diode or shorted something - Nope. Tried an aftermarket LCD and it works fine. The LCD I'm trying to use is a genuine Apple Display pulled from an XS.

Is it likely the screen version is somehow different I can swipe left to right but the bottom half is completely unresponsive.

Tried Recovery and DFU 12.4.1 and then 13.1 result is the same.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with this?

Thank you.

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I take it you have proven this display is fully working?

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