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Charger light goes out when DC board plugged into system board.

The two-year-old dumped over a cup of coffee into the iBook. After drying, it was still working, but was in need of a good cleaning. The charger connection had also been a bit touch, so figured it would be a good time to make sure the DC board was OK.

Dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. The DC board issues appeared to be the contacts inside the jack. Adjusted them a bit for better connection.

While removing the top cover, the trackpad connection pulled off the system board. Resoldered that. Wanted to make sure my work was good, but no power, and no charge going to battery. If I disconnect the DC board from the system board, the charger plug glows as expected. As soon as it's connected to the system board, it goes out.

Anything simple that could fix this, or am I looking at a new system board?

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A bit more info: DC board disconnected from system. Power connected. Ring glows. Connect DC board to system board. There is spark on the red wire next to the yellow wire. Ring goes dark.

If I start with the DC board connected to the system board, when I plug in the power, I can hear a pop from the connector.

So something appears to have a short, but what?


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I would use this guide to really clean any suspected parts: Electronics Water Damage

Stop giving two-year olds coffee, the caffeine makes them shakie and they tend to spill things ;-) If this fails you can try replacing the DC-IN board as they are not to expensive. After that the costs to repair are higher than what the thing is worth. Sell it for parts on eBay.

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The odd part is that the system was working perfectly before dismantling; the coffee never really made it past the shields. That makes me suspect that we're dealing with something that got screwed up with my soldering, or something with the DC board.


Try resetting the SMC and PRAM. Here's how: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1431


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