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The Vizio e480i television is a 48-inch television produced by Vizio, Inc., which was founded in 2002 in California. The Vizio e480i is classified as a smart TV and can be identified by model number E480i-B2.

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Can I bypass cable for rca jacks

TV has broken cable connector. Can antenna be connected through RCA jacks

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No it wouldn’t work.

The signals from an antenna need to be translated by the tuner in the TV to get the video and audio signals.

The signals that would be received by the “RCA jacks” in your TV, either Component video (red/blue/green + red & white) or Composite video (yellow + red - white) are already in video and audio format.

As a workaround If you have an old digital set top box or pvr you can connect the antenna cable to it and then connect it to the TV via either composite or component cables.

The “box” would need to be set up to receive all the channels and to view the channels on the TV you would have to select the input on the TV that the “box” was connected to.

To change channels when viewing you have to change them on the box using the box’s remote and not the TV.

Alternatively you may wish to consider replacing the antenna connector in the TV.

Here’s a link that may be of some help. Ignore the section regarding the board replacement number as it is not relevant to your TV

Antenna input is broken

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