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The Nikon D500 is a prosumer DSLR Camera released in January 2016.

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Metering Mode button not working

On my D500, the Metering Mode button isn’t working. The other 3 buttons (WB, QUAL, and Mode) are working. It has already been into the shop once (6 weeks and $150) to just be told there was nothing found and it’s working now!

A couple of times, a sharp hit to the top left corner would have the button working again, but not this time.

Since I’m in IT, I suspect it is just a cable that is loose.

Is there a teardown of the D500 that shows where all the screws are that I need to remove?

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I have opened it up myself, and reseated the connector inside the top assembly, as it was out of place. When I put it back together, it didn’t work, but a 2nd reseat worked to get it functional, not sure why.

I am going to work on making a repair guide; not sure when it will be ready.

I have created the guides of the steps that I took to resolve my issue: How to Fix a not working metering mode

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Thinking the first attempt, I may not have seated the tiny cable just right, and had to do it again. I am at 6 months, and it has not had any sort of failure of the button.


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