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Other than the Tahoe Limited Edition, the vehicle was redesigned for the 2000 model year on the new GMT800 platform, still shared with the full-sized pickups and SUV's.

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Speedometer not working Gas gauge not working

I have a 2003 YUKON DENALI XL. My speedometer is stuck on 30 Mph and the gas hand is not moving stuck on a little less than 1/4. I just put $50.00 of gas in the car and it stayed the same It did not move. Also none of the other gauges are moving. I also can’t see the mileage, Reverse, Park, Drive, Neutral lights nothing. Also before this happened I remembered the oil sensor was flashing and I said that can’t be right I just got my oil changed a month ago. Also the washer fluid was flashing saying I needed fluid. I need help thanks.

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Hi @byronirvin1234 ,

Try resetting the ECU by disconnecting the negative (-ve) battery cable for about 5 minutes.

If you still have problems after you reconnect the battery cable, get the OBDII port scanned for any error codes.

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These cars have notoriously bad gauge motors. I bought a 2004 with four gauges broken. You can get a kit for $40 with all new gauge motors and solder them in yourself in an hour or two, or pay $200 for someone else to do it.

I’d recommend this place: http://drspeedometer.com/

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