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The Pioneer DEH 4600 MP is an in-dash car stereo that is CD, MP3, WMA, and WAV compatible.

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Why does my auxin reproduce left audio only when I tilt the jack?

I don’t know why the only way to make my stereo reproduce some audio from the eux without any trouble is to make the jack touch the auxin border by applying pressure on in and titlting it.

I’ve tried with many aux cable, all of them are 3.5 mm stereo jack and my phone aux works on other devices.

It looks like the auxin inside it’s too big for the litle jack which does not make contact inside.

As far as i’ve noticed i’ve always had this problem. Inserting the jack normally results in low audio from the right (sometimes crackling), twisting and tilting it results in a better audio from the right side and some times little noise from the left side (a few times i’ve been able to listen properly from both sides), however as long as i stop the preassure the it stops working again.

The radio speakers does work (cd and FM are reproduced properly)

Do you know what could be wrong?


P.s. it a pioneer radio, but it’s not the one mentioned there, I didn’t find the right model, if you think thats a lot relevant i’ll search for it somewhere else

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It could be a faulty jack or the jack is loose from the pcb.

You may have to open up the unit to find the cause.

If the jack itself is faulty it cannot be repaired but has to be replaced.

If you can find the model number of your unit that would be a help.

It is usually on the back of the unit.

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I second this idea to solve your problem


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