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Repair and disassembly guides for hundreds of optical disc drives.

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need the name of an internal component.

hey team! Thanks for stopping by.

I have a Laser engraver build on the cheap end, and one of the components is malfunctioning. there are two laser guides from optical drives used for the X and Y-axis. on one of them, the plastic guide that moves along the head actuator is worn down, thus it needs replacing. if you could get me the name of the component so that I may purchase it, I would much appreciate it.


Upon a request for a photo, the component below is what I’m looking for.

Block Image

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Hi @phonesandbones

Im not sure what parts, It would be good if you can provide some good pictures,

Some ways I think you can work with is to replace the whole part, which you can search by part number.

It is also known as traverse mechanism


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thank you. the component i need is definitely a part of the mechanism listed above. i will add a picture of the component i am talking about to my question. thank you again for your input.


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