Preview switch at mirror box assembly


I've got the same problem like described here:

And I solving it the same way. Now I put all parts together and it seems to me that the mechanism of the preview switch unit at the bottom of the mirror box doesn't work correctly or at least I don't get it completely together again.

Block Image

Does this look like it should?

Greetings Sebastian

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I've found out that the mechanism I am referring to is called preview latch lever.

In the D80 disassembly manual this particular part is drawn different from what I have got in my camera. There didn't came any parts fallen out when I opened it but still it looks like there is a part missing. One lever doesn't touch anything and can't be moved to click into the other lever.

In addition it seems to me that the feather at the base of the lever hasn't any tension. Is this supposed that way?



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