No audio from Bluetooth headset on lg tablet

How to get audio from Bluetooth headset

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Bit more information is required.

Have you turned on BT in the tablet's Settings menu?

Have you set the headphones in 'pairing mode"?

Can you 'see" the headphones in the tablet's BT settings available connections area?

If so can you connect the headphones to the tablet?

Have you increased the Volume level from the tablet?

What have you tried?


Yes and still no audio



Can you try different BT headphones to prove whether the problem is in the headphones or the tablet?


These Bluetooth headset works in another phone, also I tried another Bluetooth sound bar and it worked on this tablet , like really !!!!



i'm afraid that I have no answer.

It is a BT compatibility problem between the two devices.

i have the same problem with the BT in my car. It works OK with one phone but not another (both the same Android OS "version" but have different manufacturer's version of the OS) and the phone that doesn't work with my car works OK in another car. Very frustrating.


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