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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 released in July 2014 is a 10.5” Android tablet with a 2560x1600 pixel resolution, 16GB of storage, and 8.0MP camera. Model numbers: SM-T800 (WIFI), SM-T805 (Cellular and WIFI)

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My on-screen keyboard has stopped working, and I cannot login without

My Samsung tablet, which i have had for years has recently started not working. First off my tablet requires a manually written password to login after a restart, and the on-screen keyboard does not work anymore. This makes me unable to do practically anything.

Furthermore a weird sort of Blackscreen has started appearing right after a restart and lasts for around 2 minutes.

Appreciate any help!

It says SM-T805 on the back, if that is of importance.

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Hi @macmo ,

Couple of things to try:

Clear the device’s cache partition and check if this resolves the problem. Here’s a link that shows how to do it.

DO NOT select wipe data/factory reset as this will erase all your data and downloaded apps and restore the tablet to its’ factory default condition

Try starting the tablet in safe mode to check if it works OK.

If it does then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem.

The trick is to find out which one.

You will need to uninstall each downloaded app, one by one and restart the tablet between each uninstall in normal mode to see if the problem is still there or not.

Once it starts up OK then the last downloaded app that was uninstalled was the culprit.

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Clearing the cache fixed it!!! Thanks good sir


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