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A child's electronic toy drum. The toy was released in 2012 with the product number 80-134400.

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How to replace drumsticks?

How can I just replace the drumsticks? My dog ate them and my toddler wants them again

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When you click on the Add to Cart link in this webpage it states that replacement drum sticks are “temporarily out of stock”.

Searching online using the product part number 30-028155-000 gave no results either.

Here are some options for your to consider.

You could try contacting Vtech and asking when stock will become available again, if at all.

There are drumsticks available on Ebay -example only but you have to buy the complete unit.

You could buy a set of 7A drumsticks -example only as they are the lightest and cut them down to suit or you could visit a musical instrument retail outlet in your location and check out which set of drumsticks would be the most suitable

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