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Repair and troubleshooting help for the Memo Pad ME172V, a 2013 tablet manufactured by Asus.

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My Asus memo pad me172v not started and not reset, can help me?

I push down+power, down+up+power, but not function, it is hang

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Hi @petja ,

Just confirming that you did the following:

Press and hold the Volume Down key

Wait a couple of seconds and then while still holding the Volume Down key, press and hold the Power key so that both keys are being held operated.

Keep holding both keys until the Recovery menu appears on the screen, then release the keys and use the Volume keys to navigate through the menu options and the Power key to enter.

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But no function

it doesn't work. when I press and hold down key and I press and hold and power button it tends to turn on but it lasts a long time and stays that way. when I do the same with the volume up + power button. while holding down both buttons, down + up and pressing the power button appears on the screen the cursor sign? and no USB cable cone


Hi @petja ,

This link may be of some help. Be sure to also read the last post in the thread.


Thanky but I not see any menu operation, I see only no cable connection or ready to download and no things to do


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