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Laptops made by the Chinese company Huawei.

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Water on the touchpad but still working?

I recently spilled a few drops of water on the touchpad of my laptop and immediately cleaned it with a cloth. Fortunately, the touchpad is still working. Should I worry and consider some safety measures in case if the touchpad won’t function in the future? Thanks.

It was spilled like that:

Block Image

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Depends on how much really but as a rule you really should take it all apart and make sure none has got in.

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How do I take it all apart?


Whats the make and model?


It's the Huawei Matebook D and the model is VLT-W50


I'm afraid I could mess things up with my laptop :(


Then best thing to do is take it to a reputable repair shop because if any liquid got into it then it will have already started to corrode the inside components


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