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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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Can a 32GB logic board from an iPad 2 be put into a 16BG iPad 2?

I had a customer bring me an iPad 2 (EMC2415) with a few problems and she wanted to get it repaired before Christmas.

Broken screen

No power button

WiFi not working

Ordered the parts and got to replacing them but whether it be my fault or a defective flex cable, the volume down didn’t work on the replacement, so I ordered another one. Mind you that there was still plenty of time to do this repair. Almost two weeks go by and still no part so I get a hold of iFixit and get them involved, not like they can hurry up USPS, but still.

The cable showed up and I went to installed it and as I was doing the last rearranging, I ripped the cable in half… Yeah, this is all on me. GRRR

I emailed the lady that I had been in contact with and told her that I had ordered another cable and what I had done, basically just to tell her how big of an idiot I am.

I had the cable the next day. Thank you iFixit!!!

I went to install that cable this morning (Sunday) and before installing it, I noticed that the power button was not clicking, so I hooked it up along with the LCD and pushed it just to make sure that it did if fact not work.

Now I’m in a pinch, but I might have a fix, maybe

I have an iPad that we do not use at all, but it is an EMC 2560. Can I just put the logic board from her iPad into my case and call it good so that she can have her iPad back, or are they not compatible at all?

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I can’t really answer first hand, but iFixit replacement board description clearly marks the two boards as not cross compatible, here: iPad 2 Wi-Fi (EMC 2415) Logic Board

iPad 2 Wi-Fi (EMC 2415) Logic Board Изображение


iPad 2 Wi-Fi (EMC 2415) Logic Board


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