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Repair information for the Canon Pixma Pro-10 color inkjet photo printer. First available on Amazon in September of 2012. Model number: PRO-10.

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I want to print in ONLY BLACK but I use my phone not a computer

I am trying to print a document that only has black on it. But for some reason its printing out with a red color. I need to change it to only black when I print but because I use my phone or iPad Canon couldn't help me. Because I'm not using a computer. Can anyone help!? I dont want to go buy color ink for no reason when its only black. HELP PLEASE! Also my printer is Canon Pixma TS3122. But it wasn't on the list to choose from.

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Yes, I also had such a problem; I remember that I suffered greatly with the printer and my phone. I tried to print with black ink for a long time, but nothing worked. I freaked out and decided that the best option would be to ask the guys at [Photo Printing Online] (https://www.frameshop.com.au)

to print my documents. As it turned out, it was possible to make a very cool custom brand there. But then I showed my printer to a friend, and he changed something in the settings, and now I can print directly from my phone with black ink!


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Hi @smurrell1918 ,

If you are you using the Canon Printer app (iOS or Android) to connect to the printer using WiFi, have you checked the print settings in the app for what print options are available, you didn't say?

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