step hard on the gas, there is a very noticeable event in the accelera

Manual Tranny, 2013 Honda Civic, basic engine, 12555km, no check engine light. SAME PROBLEM: if I step hard on the gas, there is a very noticeable event in the acceleration. You can describe it as a dip/drop/hesitation/stall/pause in the acceleration; but it is only like a bump that you roll over and then it is normal again. It is most noticeable in second gear but I am convinced it could happen in all the gears; seems to be noticeable only when you are accelerating with high torque. If I accelerate modestly and smoothly, there is no hiccup, no event; just smooth, predictable acceleration. So it is NOT a problem related to automatic transmissions. Because it seems to be related to engine load, I am leaning towards air leaks, air filter, engine oil; then move on to spark plug leads, O2 sensor, tranny oil.

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You say this "event" is noticeable in second gear. Does it occur in any gears after second like 3rd, 4th, or 5th? And can you be a bit more descriptive of this "event?" When you step on the gas does the RPMs go up really quick but no acceleration?


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