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Device repair and information for the Vizio D-series 50" LED television with model number D50n-E1.

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Vizio Tv Knocked Over =^^=

Just trying to see if there’s any fixing my tv or if it should just be tossed in the trash. The cats knocked it over. Now the picture is ruined. There’s a line near the top, separating the screen into a colored section below. (Top part is all black) Beneath the horizontal line is several colored lines. Sound quality is good. Just can’t get a clear view. There are no physical cracks.

Block Image

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This looks similar to my computer screen, after I left it on a shelf for a while. I don't know how it happened.


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The LCD screen is broken and it cannot be repaired. It can only be replaced.

The cost of a replacement panel if you can find one, is nearly as much as a new TV that may have better features.

You may be able to recoup some of the cost toward a new TV by advertising the TV for sale rather than trashing it e.g. Vizio (insert full model number) broken screen - good for parts.

There is always a market for good power boards, mainboards, TCON boards and the board connecting cables, even the LED strips if they’re desperate enough.

Just a thought.

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This is definitely a bad LCD screen.

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