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The W123 chassis covers 240D's, 300D's, 300TD's, 280E's, and several other models of Mercedes coupes, sedans and wagons from model years 1977 to 1985.

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Front Windshield Replacement Help

I’m looking at possibly replacing my 1984 W123 300D front windshield but it seems like no one has any guides as to how to do it? Is there anyone that has written/videoed a guide for how to replace the front windshield?

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So I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4hAT0aS... that shows a windshield replacement on a W116. It seems to be exactly like the W123 so I think I can do it now:)

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Hi, Did you ever do your windshield replacement? I need to do the same on my wagon and also can't find much on the w123. Was the 116 video applicable? I like that he doesn't cut the seal. I have found a car at a local pick-n-pull and I'm now hoping that I could pull the windshield, gasket, trim all together and have extra trim in case I damage mine getting out the windshield. Anyway, thanks for posting the video and I would love to hear any tips you have.


Yes I did. That video is pretty much spot on and it went pretty smoothly for me. The trim beside the windshield above the door needs to be removed as well as the inside side plastic pieces and the inside top piece above the rearview mirror.

Good luck!


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