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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Did a screen replacement and now I have no WiFi and very bad Bluetooth

So as the title says, I performed a screen replacement on my watch (S4 44mm) and it works but now my WiFi never shows any networks and the Bluetooth connection is extremely poor (watch will disconnect if I have phone in my pocket and watch on wrist on table, it’s that bad).

i was looking around inside and comparing with the tear down to see what I could have damaged or forgotten to put back, and the only thing I noticed that was missing was this:

Block Image

Then I remembered that when removing the display, that little gold thing popped off and flew across the room so who knows where it is now. Anything I could use to replace it? Since I’m pretty sure that connects with a little metal tab on the screen to provide wireless functions

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Okay, I slept upon this for a couple days, then I decided to solder a tiny wire to the antenna contact on the screen, then tin the end of the wire and stick it in the little hole where it goes on the left side of the Taptic Engine with the crown facing on top right. If done correctly, this wire will serve the same purpose as that little gold thing that popped off. As for corrosion in the future, I have no idea what’ll happen or if it’ll happen at all.

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how is your watch now? as i did a screen replacement at a shop and i'm facing the same issues

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