Power Light ON,Charger Light BLINKING,Hard Disc Light OFF-NO DISPLAY

The LCD screen is black/blank-NO display. Battery is dead, still in laptop, I’am using AC adaptor. Laptop was working fine before with this set up. Recently, the main POWER ON/OFF button had to be pressed many times, sometimes at a certain angle for it to start, and it worked perfectly. Now the Laptop comes on automatically with just plugging in the AC adaptor. No need to press the POWER ON/OFF button.Main POWER BUTTON light comes on. WiFi BUTTON light comes on. FAN working, running at full speed. Laptop gets very HOT in a few minutes. CAPS Lock & NUM Lock lights do not come on, when pressed. There is no peripheral power going to eg. optical mouse. Have tried many times 30 sec static discharge pressing power button by removing battery & AC adaptor to no effect. Have removed both RAM cards, interchanged them, inserted one at a time, repeated 30 sec static discharge to no effect. Removed both RAM cards and switched ON, both the CAPS Lock & NUM Lock lights blink together. Tried removing AC adaptor from Laptop input socket and reinserting again to no effect. Have not connected to external monitor. I’am using the factory supplied AC adaptor / charger. Was working perfectly. The HARD DISC/DRIVE LIGHT is not coming on at all. Basically, none of the black/blank screen fixes mentioned on the internet work. Any reasons as to why ? Thanks.

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