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Webcam repair or replace on xps 15 9570

I wonder if i could replace the webcam on xps 15 9570. I see purple lines on the monitor. Drivers are ok. I dont know if i could repair it ir replace It and how.

THX very much

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You may be out of luck in just trying to replace the webcam module.

According to the service manual (taken from this webpage), in the display assembly removal procedure section, once the display assembly has been removed from the palmrest assembly, it states on p.62:

The display assembly cannot be further disassembled. If the display bezel, display panel, camera module, display cable and touch-screen cable (optional) are defective and need to be replaced, replace the entire display assembly.

I have found a web cam module replacement part (supplier example only to give idea of what it looks like and the cost) but cannot find out how to safely dis-assemble the display so that the webcam can be replaced. You may have better luck.

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great answer! and so fast! THX


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