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Первая модель iPhone. Модель А1203; с 4, 8 или 16 ГБ памяти; и алюминиевой задней крышкой. При ремонте придется помолиться и немного попаять.

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How to tell if battery is dead

I am trying to fix my 1st gen iPhone that I just bought as non working. It seems that the battery is bad, but I want to make sure that it's really the problem before ordering one. Whenever I tried to restore it in itunes or 3utools, it always tried to reboot and just turned the screen off every time. Sometimes, the backlight would turn off and a ghost of the screen could be seen for a few seconds. I can get the phone in DFU and recovery mode no problem, but as soon as I unplug it, it shuts off immediately. With the latest itunes I would get error 1604 and 1603. Is this likely the battery or is the dock connector or motherboard bad? I tried to download older itunes versions, but even on vista or Windows 7 machines I had no luck showing the “iphone software update server could not be contacted”.

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Does it work O.K. with the power supply/charger plugged in?

If yes then replace the battery:

iPhone 1st Generation Battery Replacement

If not them you have a more serious problem, I would imagine.

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The phone can get it DFU and recovery mode, but I can't boot up the phone or properly restore it, should I try changing the battery or is it a lost cause?


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Itunes is not longer supported by Apple, maybe that is why you got that error. Now Apple application is named Music App.

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