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This is a Vinotemp VT-12TEDi thermoelectric 12-bottle wine cooler by iCellar.

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Wine Fridge not cooling down past 71.2F.

I bought a thermoelectric wine fridge that wont cool down past 71.2F.

Here’s what I know:

  • I’ve changed out the Peltiers twice
  • Peltier IS receiving 12.4 volts
  • Control board is also receiving 12.4 volts
  • Both red and green lights on the control board are alight and NOT blinking
  • All fans work just fine and have good bearings
  • None of the capacitors look damaged. I realize they can be without looking like it…but it doesn’t seem like they’re the problem
  • Display works just fine, as does the interior light
  • Used fresh thermoelectric grease

I’ve checked that I have the node installed with the cold side towards the cabinet multiple times, for posterity’s sake. I checked the node by connecting the red and black wires to their corresponding wires on the control unit/board and plugged in the power cord. One side immediately got hot - I wrote “cold” on the side that didn’t.

Could there be something wrong with the thermostat making it so that the control board thinks the interior temperature cold enough already, but isn’t? What am I missing?

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Here’s the VT-12TEDS service manual which whilst it is not exactly the same model may still be of some help.

It describes how to test the temperature control to make sure that it is OK.

The temperature control board itself is not that cheap to replace but maybe you can find the problem.

Hopefully a start.

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Thanks so much. I'm going to read the manual and hope that gets me somewhere. I really don't want to get rid of a perfectly good wine fridge for something minor. Fingers crossed!


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The link for the manual from Jayeff doesn't work for me. (and the link for parts works, but there are only 2 parts listed at this time, not the control board). The big g search engine finds this page:


and repair manuals are listed there.

I had to scroll down to get to the thermolectric models. The V12-TEDS has a repair manual. It is very helpful, but some photos are not focused.

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