coil for backlight problem

Joy indicated she solved this problem by replacing the coil. What is the coil number and where can one be purchased. I researched various forums and understand the 6R8 coil is used to repair the backlight problem on the Iphone, but I can not find a number or location to purchase a coil for the nano 4th gen Ipod. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a great day.

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you can find them on Ebay here is just one listing

should be the same coil for the nano

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order this coil >> (its a little bit bigger) and place (glue) in the back with wiring 2 cables to solder points in the front.

dont forget to isulate with kapton tape!

for me it works like a charm :)

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Looks good! Do you also have any ideas for the 5th gen nano with backlight problem? From my experience it seems more related to the tracks on pcb vanishing (maybe water damage) rather than a coil problem. What do you think?


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