Copper cable connecting display cables


My Apple Watch series 4 44 mm GPS only model has this part torn and I can’t find replacement for it.

Is is really necessary to have it?

Block Image

Edit: Mine is completely torn apart and is unusable.

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Yes, you do need the shield! How badly is yours damaged?


@danj It's pretty messed up. I got watch in pieces from friend, so it's pretty unusable.


When I was a kid my grandfather had an old pocket watch that wasn't working he gave it to me to try to fix (I'm sure he knew I wouldn't succeed). I took it apart it took me weeks to figure out how to put it back together with no skills and limited tools. I got it back together! But it didn't hold its time very well.

It wasn't until he died did I get it back from him with a note reminding me of the event. It sits in my desk drawer as a treasured remembrance of my first partial success in fixing something! I'm sure it was the event which set me on my course of life.

Don't expect it to work in the end and you'll likely need a few parts, clearly this part is too badly damaged.


@danj Heart-warming story you got! It does mean a lot.

Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts!


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