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The Chevrolet Corvette, known colloquially as the Vette, is a sports car manufactured by Chevrolet. The car has been produced through seven generations.

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How to replace the fuel sender unit in the right rear tank?

I’ve been told by mechanics that the fuel sender unit in the right rear tank needs to be replaced. How do I do this?

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Hi @vetteguy ,

What year is the vehicle?


Hi jayeff,

It's a 2006 C6 roadster.


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Hi @vetteguy

Sorry to raise your hopes.

This website usually carries most repair manuals for all makes and models and only misses a few year models occasionally.

Unfortunately your model just missed.

I'm assuming that the 2004 is different to the 2006 as far as the fuel sender unit replacement procedure is concerned.

Maybe still worth a look though.

Scroll down and click on 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Service Repair manual + Wiring Diagrams and then when the new window opens scroll down and click on Engine Performance > System-Component tests. Once you have passed the recaptcha test the section will open on the screen, select Fullscreen to view it better (you can also download it - download icon right side end of the Document header bar)

In there it details how to remove the fuel sender unit. There is a search function on the left side end of the document header bar which may help speed thing up in finding it

Just a thought.

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Fuel sending unit issues are a known problem with early C6s

1) See if the dealer will fix it for you.

2) The factory service manual will tell you to drop the tanks… which means droping the rear suspensionand transmission exhaust etc. You want a lift to do this….

3) There is a short cut method involves dropping the tank a little and reaching up above and disconnecting the cross-over lines. Then dropping the tank enough to get the sending unit out. Method 3 is documented in a few places including Youtube.

Couple of hints

a) make sure you get the right sending unit. It has to match the otherone in Ohms (full vs. empty). I would use a scan tool to double check even if the dealer looks it up by your VIN.

b) consider doing both sides (sending unit must match what the computer is looking for…)

c) If you have clutch or transmission issues, now is the time to tackle that as well. Headers and exhaust can also be addressed.

d) Look for a local corvette shop and talk to them about it. They won’t charge you the full dealer bullshit price.

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