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Laptops made by the Chinese company Huawei.

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Why is my charging port not working?

So 6 months ago I spilled makeup removing liquid in the bottom of my bag, and a lot of it got onto my charger cable, and it wouldn’t charge my laptop anymore. Bought a new one and it was working fine, then it would only charge at a certain angle, until a few weeks ago when it stopped charging completely. I bought another and it still wasn’t working. I sent my laptop to a PC repair place; they said i was using the wrong charger (i was using a 30w adapter instead of a 60w one). i bought a 60w charger and it’s still not working. they said the charger port of my laptop is fine but i’ve used other charging cables and adapters and its not working.

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you may have fried the port

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Probably; one side of the entrance of the port has melted... the guy at the pc repair place said there’s nothing wrong with my port as well


bent pins could also be the case


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