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Repair guides and support for the sub-brand of Kodak consumer digital cameras, not including the printer or printer dock portion of the EasyShare line.

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easyshare printer printing only half a photo.

Is it the printer or the camera…camera is z7590 printer was purchased with the camera

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The first thing I would do in this instance is isolate the printer, since the parts/supply issue is a totally different beast then it used to be. Since you really can’t buy ink for the EasyShare Printer dock series as it’s an Eastman Kodak product, even if you could repair it the market of NOS ink people have left dictates how long you can use it repaired. In addition to being an Eastman era product the new era of Kodak no longer supports, they stopped selling ink/paper packages for these years ago, it’s best to rule out the “unfixable” part first. Try printing the photo on another printer like an inkjet or Canon Selphy and see if it works. If it does, you likely have an issue with the printer. As a last ditch effort, you can try using the cable the camera came with (or buy one) and see if the USB port works*, but chances are there’s a issue with the printer. Since you really can’t get ink anymore outside of whatever is left on sites like eBay, I’d replace the printer and get something like a Canon Selphy :(.

*There was one which only worked with a few cameras and lacked this - yours is probably the USB one though as it only worked with a few basic point and shoot models.

If it’s related to the camera, try printing another photo using the same setup that failed you the first time. Chances are the image is corrupt for printing purposes or there is something with the photo the printer doesn’t like.

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