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Epson's L220 is ideal for home and home office users looking for good-quality, ultra-low-cost printing, scanning, and copying. Released around 2016.

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Sometimes it won't turn on and sometimes it would turn on.

I turned off the printer without unplugging it. Then when I switch it on, it won’t turn on. But when I unplugged it and plugged again several times and keep switching on, it turned on again. What is the problem? Is it the power supply?

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Hi @mariaym ,

Try the Chosen Solution from the following link and check if that solves the problem.

I realize that it is not for the same make and model as your printer, but maybe still worth a try.

My Brother Printer EMFC-J4510DW won't turn on

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It turns on, my problem is that sometimes it won't. And when this happens I unplugged it then plugged again then it turns on. What is causing this? Is it the cable, power supply, or motherboard?



Did you try the solution?

I don't know about Epson, but in some Brother printers there is a large value capacitor on the motherboard, (sort of like an electronic backup battery) that maintains the settings etc preventing them from getting corrupted due to power variations (turning off/on power to the printer, unplanned power outages etc).

If they do get corrupted this may stop the printer from starting properly.

The capacitor itself may be failing.

You can always try opening the printer and accessing the control board and check for any obviously faulty capacitors i.e. ones that have domed caps or are bulging or even leaking.

As I said I don't know if Epson use this same concept to prevent corruption of the software in their printers or not.


@jayeff I don't know with 100% certainty either but the times I've had them and tore them down for motors (especially wetness sensor ones) I don't ever see capacitors on the motherboard that stand out for such a use.

I don't recall seeing one like that on my old NX230 that failed electrically. I didn't see one on the NX415 I had in high school as a scanner years ago (Epson relied on UB so it died after 10.6 on Mac; didn't know better to use Apple drivers for machines like that then). However, it's been so long I couldn't even reliably tell you yes or no anyway. It honestly doesn't matter since the L220 is a modified 2010+ wetness sensor printer anyway - the NX415 is not a close match compared to the NX230.


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