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Выпущен 16 сентября 2016 года. Модель 1660, 1778. Стандарты связи GSM или CDMA. Память 32, 128 или 256 ГБ. Цвета: розовое золото, золотой, серебристый, черный и глянцевый черный.

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iPhone 7: Right side of screen bulging out

Basically, a long time ago my screen just starting bulging a little bit. If I pressed down on the right side of my phone, it would click down. This issue is bugging me out and I am now, after a few months, looking for a solution. I am not willing to go to get it repaired again as this phone is so bad at staying ALIVE (So many issues ;c)

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Any chance you could post a picture of the phone? It's odd for the right side to bulge out. How's the battery life like? It could be the battery expanding


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At first I suspected it could be a bulging battery, but I am not sure since the battery is located on the left side of the phone, and the right side has the motherboard and other components. (See attached picture.)

Block Image

If could be as simple as a screw on the back of the LCD panel sticking out, making it harder for the screen to permanently seat in the phone. I would bring it to a local repair shop if this is something you don’t want to investigate yourself. A technician would be able to tell you if it is something like I just described or if it is indeed the battery swelling. At my shop, a diagnosis like this is something I would never charge a customer. Depending on the shop, this is something they should be able to figure out for you for free. Good luck!

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