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Model year denoted by the 10th digit of the VIN: E=2014, D=2013, C=2012 Example "5YJSA1DN4DFP00001" 2013 model year

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MCU repair for Tesla Model S

Hi there,

I think the MCU of my Tesla model S is broken.

Do you repair that?

How much will it cost approximately?

Thank you very much.

Looking for your reply.

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Ifixit does not do repairs.

It provides a forum where people can get free advice on how to fix the problem with their devices, themselves.

Anyone can respond with an answer that hopefully will solve the problem.

If no one responds to your question here, on what needs to be done to fix the problem with the MCU in your vehicle you may have to contact a reputable, professional electronics repair service or auto electrical service experienced in Tesla vehicles and ask for a quote.

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MCU (Media Control Unit) is a computer system that controls the infotainment and HVAC system of your Tesla Model S. If the MCU is indeed broken, it will need to be repaired or replaced by an authorized Tesla service center. The cost of the repair will depend on the extent of the damage and whether the unit needs to be repaired or replaced. It's best to contact Tesla customer support or an authorized Tesla service center to get an estimate of the cost of the repair.

Keep in mind that Tesla Model S is an older model, and repair cost may be high, in some cases it could be more cost-effective to buy a new car.

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