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Repair guides and support for Skytex manufactured by Skytex Technology, Inc.

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Battery location in model 705

Skytek model 705 doesn’t charge I think battery was removed. Where is battery located

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Hi @styles03909 ,

Just verifying that the battery is not charging as the user manual (see link below) states “Note: When charging the Tablet while powered OFF, the battery indicator appears momentarily. Although the battery indicator disappears, the Tablet will continue to charge”.

Also have you checked that the charger’s voltage output is as per what is printed on the charger, to make sure that it and the charger cord/plug is OK?

Couldn’t find a disassembly guide for a Skytex SP705 (if this is the model) however here’s the ifixit Skytex SP728 Battery Replacement guide which should help you to disassemble your tablet so that the battery/battery connection can be checked.

If there is no battery in the tablet then it may be difficult to source a replacement as there are no results when searching online for a Skytex SP705 battery.

In that case what you may be able to do is to use the information from the battery shown in the guide I posted and search for it instead as it also is for a 7” tablet.

The 6 digit number shown on the battery in the guide i.e.356395 refers to the dimensions of the battery 35 =3.5mm Depth, 63 = 63 mm Width and 95=95mm Length. Measure the space in the tablet where the battery would fit and if a battery with the above dimensions would fit, then search online for 356395 3.7V 3000mAH LiPo battery and check results. It appears that the battery wires would have to be soldered onto the systemboard so you would need soldering tools and skills to do this.

If there is a battery in the tablet then perhaps there may be a problem with the charge port (loose?) or the battery may have failed. If the charge port is OK then use the information printed on the battery (see description above for example for how to search i.e. “(insert dimension number on battery) 3.7V 3000mAH LiPo battery”) to search for a replacement battery.

Here’s the user manual for the tablet if you haven’t already got one.

Hopefully a start.

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