Where can I purchase an unlock code? (Franklin CP331A)

I have two Franklin CP331A hotspots I got from someone who attempted to get a SIM unlock code from T-Mobile and being denied help due to non-customer status. I have confirmed both have 10 attempts, so there was no attempt to unlock them made.

Since I know a lot of these were Test Drive hotspots prior to the Franklin T9 (no SIM unlocking capability), I suspect even if T-Mobile could help me (but won’t since I’m a non-customer as well) I would be told these are Test Drive hotspots and I’d need to put service on them for 1 year; that’s a bit too expensive for cheap hotspots they handed out for free with 30 days of service for me. So it seems like my best bet is to buy the code from a 3rd party at this point.

Does anyone know a site I can buy the code from and unlock both at a reasonable price?

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Nobody has a clue where I can get a code for them?


Hi @nick

Very tricky, I did some last time but for huawei dongles.

I agreed that locked carrier is a pain .

tried searching for you but it seems not much results, maybe help you check at chinese website for you when i get back home.


@salmonjapan Would have been nice if T-Mobile gave you a yes/no answer like AT&T so I know if I need 3rd party or not - but since they're useless and having to pay for 1 year of service for a unlock code is dumb I'd rather pay a 3rd party and bypass them out of spite. I thought about putting them on eBay and finding a postpaid AT&T Netgear hotspot which is an easy yes due to release age since it's so irritating with T-Mobile. I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW MUCH BEYOND THAT.

I get why they locked them since you don't want people running off with a $75 new hotspot (and why the T9 is stripped of the capability, but the retail ones aren't. Complete waste of time). If T-Mobile was willing to sell me the code for a modest price (relative to the value of the hotspots being mostly for the Test Drive program) I would have bought it from them directly for both. Not worth the trouble if T-Mobile was okay with selling me the code for $10-20 just to know they only need a name and a card number for a code to free them from their network. I'd be willing to pay fair market value for the code direct :(.

The permanent radio approach is far better then the AT SIM unlock (mostly Novatel) that resets when you hard reset, so you best keep the SIM unlock code around or NEVER reset it beyond the initial run after verifying it was purchased locked - but get it wrong 10 times? RIP SIM unlock capability.

I'm sticking with AT&T for unlock ease - or Verizon due to the FCC putting them in their place on SIM locking*. I diverted from my known good list, and this is what happens.

*No hotspots. Those get locked it seems.


Still haven't found one for the CP331A :(. They're useless since I can't work with unless I get dedicated T-Mobile service which makes no sense unless I was moving my phone over.


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