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Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in March of 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Why is my new ifixit screen popping when I press on it?

I ordered a new s10 display and adhesive from Ifixit. I installed it, but now when I press on the screen, it goes down, and I get a very worrying popping noise.

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can you post a video and or photos if possible?


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Ifixit-branded products are of high quality. First, check to see that the repair was done correctly. If so, it should be covered under warranty.

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How do I tell if a screen has been properly installed?


With a newer Samsung screen, remove the glued back cover, and check that everything is in the right place.


However, it does seem that the adhesive is no good. You may want to check Ifixit's warranty claim page, as they really do stand behind their products.


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