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Why does my record player spin too fast?

Ever since I got my Victrola record player it spins a little bit too fast so the audio is slightly higher pitched than it should be. What could be wrong and how could I fix it?

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Hi @paigem9097 ,

What is the model number of the record player?

Has it got turntable speed options i.e. 33 rpm and 45rpm?

If so, have you selected the correct speed for the record that is to be played? Usually LP (12“ long play) records are played at 33 and the smaller EP (10” extended play) records and singles (7”) records are played at 45 rpm.

Apologies if you knew this already.

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Hi @jayeff,

Thank you for your response. It’s definitely on the right speed setting, it’s not nearly that different in pitch haha. The model number is VTA-370B(PC)



Can you try on both 33 and 45 speed (if you have the records for both that is) to see if it only affects the one speed or both? If 45 don't forget the adapter.

How old is the system as looking at reviews it appears to be not that old?

Looking at the user manual there is no information regarding the manufacturer's warranty but would suggest that if it is <12 months old that you make enquiries either with the manufacturer or the retailer about a warranty repair, replacement or refund.

If no longer under warranty you may have to open it up and check the belt drive. As @Dani Deitch said the power supply frequency is important. Your model is designed for 120V AC @ 60Hz


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This model has a belt drive system which can help reduce turntable noise. The downside of belt drive systems is that the belt has to be set at the right tension and should the tension be wrong it will affect the speed. A slack belt will turn too slowly and a tight one too fast. I haven’t seen this model but on most decent turntables there is a tension adjustment system which ,combined with a strobe light, can be used to tune the speed of the table. Another problem can be caused by an incorrect power source. It is important to know that 110 volts AC are usually provided at a frequency of 60Hz and 240 volts AC are usually 50Hz so if you have a model that was built for a 110VAC market such as the USA connecting it to a step down transformer in Europe with 240VAC does not change the frequency of the electricity and the motor on the turntable may run at the wrong speed or even burn out

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