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The Le Pan II was released October 2011. The device has a rear facing camera and a battery life of 6 hours.

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I need all cords for the Lepan mini model #802A

My friend gave me this LePan Mini but I need all of the cords and charger can I purchase them through you?

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Unfortunately ifixit does not stock what you need.

Here’s a link that shows what you need.

Alternatively if you already have a 5V DC 2A (2000mA) wall adapter (specifications are printed on the adapter - check output specs) which has a micro USB connector you can use that. Also if you have a standard micro USB to USB cable you can use that to connect the tablet to a computer to charge it and to transfer data etc. Charging it this way will be slower and take longer than if you charge it with the adapter as computer USB ports only supply 0.5A (500mA)

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